The Laurianda Clothing Company

‘Laurianda is a label that happens when love takes over…’

Recently, Wolfgang had the opportunity to photograph the fabulous work of Laurianda Jenkins, founder and creative director of The Laurianda Clothing Company. The Laurianda Clothing Company officially launched in 2007 and focuses on design details, flair, and innovation. The session was a lot of fun with the talented and beautiful models, Stephanie McArthur and Nadine Rich, and the fun energy of gifted make-up artist, Ayonna Dragg. Laurianda’s passion and warmth shows up in her designs- you can definitely “feel the love!”

“My goal is to create a fashion company that brings emotion to shopping. I want my designs to be the ‘favorite’ piece in a women’s closet.” ~Laurianda Jenkins




Contact Information:

320 Hull Street Studio 194
Richmond, VA 23224


~ by Wolfgang Jasper Photography on March 24, 2009.

One Response to “The Laurianda Clothing Company”

  1. Hey Wolfgang! Great Post!

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