Hospital Hospitality House

Fancy Hat Party Luncheon Fancy Hat Party Luncheon                 Richard Roundtree and Wolfgang Jasper Richard Roundtree and Wolfgang Jasper

Many of you know the Hospital Hospitality House is our favorite charity. But there are still many in Richmond who don’t know of it’s existence. It is an amazing facility in the heart of downtown for over 100 families at a time who find themselves far from their home during  a medical crises. The Hospital Hospitality House is celebrating it’s twenty fifth year thanks to the wonderful donors, volunteers and staff. Please take the time to visit their web site: Hospital Hospitality House and also visit the facility to see how you may be able to help.

From their website:  “There are over 100 guest rooms. The 5th floor is dedicated to adult transplant patients and caregivers, and the 8th floor is dedicated to pediatric patients and caregivers. Guests have access to four fully stocked kitchens, a library with 3,000 books, a 24-hour laundry room, and lounge areas. HHH is open 24 hours a day – 365 days a year. Most guests are from Virginia, but HHH has served families in medical crisis from all 50 states and from 31 foreign countries.

100,000+ = number of guests at HHH since 1985 ;  7,000 = average number of guests a year; 140 = average number of guests per night ; 6 = average number of days a guest stays”

On April 3rd we provided photography service for their annual “Fancy Hat Party” which includes a luncheon and fashion show featuring former guests at the HHH, celebrating their recoveries. This year’s featured speaker was Richard Roundtree, actor and breast cancer survivor. He has spent many years helping to bring awareness of this disease’s presence in men and to advocate early detection measures for all. He was a warm and charming man, sincerely open and gracious to all who approached him. He seemed to be deeply moved during the tour of the HHH and the efforts he witnessed. We felt privileged to have had the opportunity to photograph him and the event to help raise awareness for the HHH and to the importance of regular check ups and breast exams.

~ by Wolfgang Jasper Photography on April 5, 2009.

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