Elise Dransfield’s Senior Portrait Session

Dransfield31_72It was a rainy day when Elise Dransfield came in with a suitcase packed full of outfits for her memorable senior portrait session. Both her mother and her best friend came to partake in the festive event. After many wardrobe changes, hair fluffing, and much giggling, we were about to wrap up her session. With one dress left, Wolfgang was struck by an idea. He asked Elise if she was up for getting wet in the rain. Both Elise’s mother and best friend used a large reflector screen as an umbrella for them and Wolfgang, with his camera, as Elise climbed into the ornate water fountain outside our studio at Stony Point Fashion Park. DransfieldE2Card_72It was a laugh riot for all participating! Here are a few portraits from her session and the memorable moment in the rain. DransfieldElise044_72DransfieldElise042_72Elise Dransfield graduated this spring from Hanover High School with an advanced diploma. She will be attending Virginia Commonwealth University this fall.

~ by Wolfgang Jasper Photography on July 31, 2009.

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