A family portrait saved from the destruction of Hurricane Irene, Richmond, Virginia

All of us Richmonders were witness to a pretty crazy week of nature.  First the earth quake that just confused everyone, then a major hurricane that terrified us.  Now that power is starting to be restored and we are all coming out of this post-apocalyptic daze a few interesting stories are coming in to our various electronic devices.  Quick note:  If it wasn’t for iPhone me (Crystal,) Beth and Wolfgang would have been lost souls.  Anyway, some of you may have noticed a nice little note on our Facebook page which reads: “Hurricane Irene hit my home with three trees. I made sure to grab my son Connor, my husband Bill, my dog Halle, and came back to grab my family portrait from Wolfgang Jasper.”  You read it folks.  Not only did our amazing friend Mary Ann make sure to get her family to safety, but she also grabbed her family portrait!  I do not think flattered is the right word but it is pretty darn close.  For future notice we do guarantee all of our custom portraits for life, which means replacing them at no charge if a hurricane happens to sweep it away.

A big thank you from all of us here at WJ to Mary Ann and her family who are all safe and sound.  Thank you for sharing that story with us.  Below is an image of the portrait in her home that she saved.  We can understand why.  It is gorgeous!  We also hope that everyone who lost power, business, food, their roof, a car, etc. to the storm are now recovering.  It is hurricane season in the Old Dominion, so this will not be the last one we see.  Stay safe and stay positive everyone!

~ by Wolfgang Jasper Photography on September 1, 2011.

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