Schipperke portraits, Pet portraits in Richmond, Virginia

As I (Crystal) have said in previous posts, having the opportunity to meet just about every breed of domesticated animal is a definite perk of this job.  Our studio is located in the dog friendly Stony Point Fashion Park.  While dogs are the main attraction, every now and again you will spot a cat, bird or pig strolling by.  We have the privilege of meeting new dogs and their families who walk by the studio every day.  One dog in particular that has caught all of our eyes is the Schipperke.  These little black dogs resemble foxes and have a very sassy attitude.  We were lucky enough to have Mattie, a beautiful three year old Schipperke, come into our studio for some fun portraits.  You can check out some very striking portraits I have added below (we also did something fun for the holidays, but you will have to wait for that!) I have done some brief research on these cute little guys and it seems there is not a general consensus on where they get their name.  Schipperkes are a Belgian breed.  Some say that the name is a translation of “little boatman” as they were used as watch dogs on boats.  The other explaination is that the word Schipperke is a misspelled word for “little shepherd.”  This is probable because they strongly resemble the Groenendael, which is a Belgian sheepdog.  It seems like there could be an entire book of theories about the origins of this little pup.  They are spunky, tiny, fluffy and have pointed ears.  Mattie was very exploratory and seemed to be in charge when she was wandering the studio.  We hope to see her around often!

Did you know?
– In the Children’s book The Pie and the Patty Pan by Beatrix Potter, a Schipperke by the name of Duchess receives an invitation to tea!

~ by Wolfgang Jasper Photography on September 11, 2011.

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