Great Dane Portraits, Richmond, Virginia

We sure do see many breeds here at the studio.  There is one breed in particular that seems to draw people into our front doors.  These are the Great Danes.  Brothers Huey and Beaux brought some foot traffic into our gallery during their visit last month.  Each time they have been in people walking by our windows stop to stare or come in to say hello.  You can not help but to pause and look at these amazing animals.  They are gentle giants indeed.  Beaux (pointy ears) is the newest member of the family, but seemed to fit right in and was able to go with the flow.  These guys have such a sweet disposition.  The funniest thing to see was their play toy.  Imagine one of those large stuffed animals you get at the fair for squirting a water gun at a clown.  The difference in size of the toy next to Roscoe and Stella’s (our studio dogs) toys had us all laughing.  Enjoy the photos below from their session.  You can really see what a nice relationship they have with their owner/mom and their little dog sister Tink.

~ by Wolfgang Jasper Photography on January 12, 2012.

One Response to “Great Dane Portraits, Richmond, Virginia”

  1. Beau Looks amazing! All your babies do, beautiful photos.

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