We are on fire! Studio Senior Portraits, Richmond, Virginia

We get many creative requests in our studio. Some are a bit more creative than others. We were thrilled when Cooper (pictured below) asked if we could set him on fire! He is a big fan of the comic/movie “Ghost Rider” and wanted to recreate his fiery motorcycle jacket look. With an old thrift store leather jacket and some rubber cement we got to work creating some spectacular images. We started taking a few photos of Cooper with the jacket intact. Then, to get the authentic flame look we painted the jacket with rubber cement and let the flames fly. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. We were in a very controlled environment with fire extinguishers at the ready. Making sure both model and photographer were safe took several eyes and hands around the office supervising and helping out. It was an exciting day at the office for sure. Cooper will be graduating from LC Bird High School next year. We think that this senior portrait session will be one Cooper and everyone here at our studio will never forget. Check out the sequence of photos below. With a little Photoshop and some creative photography skills Wolfgang created these incredibly realistic photos. Enjoy!



~ by Wolfgang Jasper Photography on June 8, 2012.

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