Baby Portraits, First Birthday, Birthday Cake, Richmond, Virginia

Baby’s first birthday is always a fun occasion. We strive to make every first birthday session fun and special to each family. This family had the great idea of having their baby tear into and destroy his birthday cake. The method was pretty simple. We sat the baby behind the cake…and observed. We all thought he would dig right into the cake, but he had his own idea about proper cake eating. Once we handed him a spoon the mood changed and he was all into it, digging and playing in the frosting. Baby’s mom made the chocolate birthday cake at home and brought it in. The balloons and cake frosting colors are those that represent the United States Marine Corps. His father is a Marine and his birthday at home (prior to his session) was themed this way. This was a great way to celebrate the first year and Dad! Take a look at all of these adorable images. You can see the progression from a clean baby with a nice new cake to a baby covered in food with a decimated cake. This session was so much fun. The entire studio staff that day participated.  Comments are always welcome! Let us know what you think about this session and the birthday cake celebration!

~ by Wolfgang Jasper Photography on August 2, 2012.

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